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PiLog Progressive Partner Program

We at PiLog are looking for Partnership which are Progressive. PiLog Products are the best in its Niche Markets and Certified by SAP. This opens up a broad Market for Partners to Sell, Co-exist as well as Implement them.

Our Services are can also be delivered by Partners once they are Trained, Certified and provided with a Service Enablement Kit.

How to become a PiLog Progressive Partner

There are multiple ways to become a PiLog Progressive Partner. You can become a direct Sales Representative or a Co- Sell Partner. Further a Service Level partnership is also available where this partner can Sell and Implement the Projects which help both PiLog and its Customers to achieve fast results.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative could be an Individual or a Company/Organization. Anyone who is interested in Sales and Marketing of PiLog Products, Services or Solutions can benefit. As part of this programme, Sales Representative will generate the leads to sell our Solutions. He will be backed up by Pre-sales Team, who will provide technical support and give demos to New Customers when leads are generated.


Co-Sell Partner

In this programme both Individuals and Company can be Co-Sell Partners. It means they can sell the Products of PiLog and PiLog can also sell their products. The interested Company will have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement for each project individually.


Service Level Partner

In this partnership Individual / Company can sell our products and also support us in implementation at the customer Premises.


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