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Mr. Imad Syed, Chief Operating Officer, India

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3rd Floor,
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PiLog - About Us

PiLog Vision

PiLog is internationally recognized as Leaders and subject matter experts in Quality Master Data Solutions and Services across Industry Domains, to ensure trusted authoritative Quality data, adding value to society.

PiLog Mission

PiLog is to provide niche Master Data Quality Solutions and Services based on Data Standards, Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Ontology, Master Data Content, Data methodology and Master Data Quality Systems, pre-packaged, based on best practices.

PiLog Establishment

PiLog is a global company, established in 1996 through a management buyout of the industrial division of Paradigm Systems Technology (Pty) Ltd founded in 1978 and specializing in the supply of asset management information systems and cataloguing solutions. Today PiLog is a leading provider of Master Data Quality Solutions, supporting the creation and maintenance of high quality master data in a variety of industries.

PiLog Company History

  • 1978 - Established Paradigm Systems Technology
  • 1995 - Rebranded as PiLog
  • 1996 - Content Management
  • 2003 - ISO 8000, SABS
  • 2006 - Multiple Language
  • 2008 - Multiple Domains
  • 2010 - Oracle Golden Partner
  • 2011 - SAP Certification
  • 2012 - Cloud Application
  • 2014 - Focus on:
  1. Continued dominance in Master Data Management Solution
  2. Regulatory compliance - traceable, verifiable, Complete
  3. Mobile applications - enabling field personnel

Our Business and Capabilities

The PiLog solutions are state of the art, focused on creating a common business language and managing the rules for the creation of high quality, multilingual descriptions for our clients.

The PiLog Group offering includes data cleansing and classification services, governed and maintained through software applications, certified compliant with ISO 8000-110:2009, the international standard for quality master data.

The PiLog multilingual master data refineries have extensive software systems with built-in interactive quality control giving the client direct online access to project information and real-time monitoring and acceptance testing. The refineries are strategically located and managed to deliver high quality multilingual localizations on time and on budget

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