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PiLog is a leading provider of Master Data Quality Solutions

It supports the creation and maintenance of high quality master data in a variety of industries, including petrochemical, mining, steel, food and beverage, transportation, large facility management, telecommunications, aeronautical, defence, government, as well as a diversity of processing plants and heavy manufacturing.

The PiLog Group offering includes data cleansing and classification services, governed and maintained through software applications, certified compliant with ISO 8000-110:2009, the international standard for quality Master Data.

Customers of PiLog


PiLog has customers across the globe from almost every industry sector

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Partners Certification-PiLog

Add-Ons & Certifications

SAP Certified Interface with S4/HANA

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PiLog has Partnered with international companies like SAP & Oracle

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Data Resources-PiLog


PiLog employees 350+ Master Data Resources across the globe

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Taxonamy Dictionary - PiLog


PiLog's taxonomy is covering all the templates of all major industry sectors

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PiLog Preferred Records

PiLog Preferred Records (PPR)

PiLog has over 6 million PiLog Preferred Records

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Market Position-PiLog

Market Position

PiLog is a market leader in providing Master Data Quality Solutions

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Data Company of the Year Award Winner-PiLog


PiLog India awarded as 'Data Company of the Year' by Indywood

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